Indian Market

The diagnostic industry in India is growing at a very fast pace. The market for medical devices is worth up to $3 billion and growing at more than 10% a year, according to Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) based on their July 2010 report. With the spread of health consciousness and increasing awareness about diseases like Aids, Hepatitis, Malaria, Dengue etc among the people of India and active action taken by the government in promoting community health, for instance, compulsory testing by blood banks for AIDS and Hepatitis, the potential of the diagnostic industry is quite encouraging.

Large giants from all over the world are finding the Indian market to be very attractive, and they have set up their operations in India. India's healthcare industry, estimated at more than USD30 billion, will double in value in five years, according to PWC.

Healthcare infrastructure expenditure in India in 2013 will hit $14.2 billion, a recent KPMG report estimated, a near 50% increase of the 2006 total, helped by new technologies, the growth of hospital chains and increased government spending.

India spends just over 5% of its $1-trillion-GDP annually, largely in primary healthcare focusing on basic needs such as immunizations and common illnesses. The per capita expenditure is less than a third of what China spends, while the private sector accounts for about 80% of total spending in India's healthcare.

India is an emerging medical tourism destination, with modern hospitals in cities offering premium care at prices that are a fraction of those in the west, but it has just 0.7 hospital beds and 0.6 doctors per 1,000 people, well below the world average.

Presently more than 150 companies are engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Diagnostic products in India. Growth rate of the industry is more than 12% - 15% (approx.) per annum.

Our Company is constantly on the lookout for different avenues in order to provide best medical facilities to its countrymen, thereby ensuring a healthier tomorrow.
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